From Photo Blimp to Photo Rotors

My name is Mike Clegg owner and operator of Photo Rotors. Since 1997 I’ve photographed thousands of places all over British Columbia and beyond with the 21 foot helium filled Photo Blimp. In 2015 I entered the drone space and as of 2020 have changed the name of the company from Photo Blimp to Photo Rotors. I’m a fully insured, Transport Canada licensed pilot, with WCB coverage to work on site.

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Where drones can't go, we still offer our blimp services. Drones require a special permit to fly over 400 feet, if a permit isn't granted the blimp can be used instead, the blimp may also be used in drone restricted areas.


We also offer 360 virtual tours which are interior/exterior and airborne, spherical, photos we call Photo Bubbles! We use several different types of cameras & drones to get the best possible image for each unique shoot, please take a look at the Photo Bubbles website to learn more.


Some of our earliest photos shot on film back in the 90's - time flies!